Member Profile: The Bockmans and 312 Pizza Company

Posted on Feb 10, 2015

Feb 10, 2015

Music City and Windy City meet over pizza

In suburban Chicago, Staci Bockman was in marketing and sales and Daniel Bockman was in restaurant management. The couple always knew they wanted to have their own business but did not know what it would be.

When Staci’s sister moved to Nashville to establish connections in the music industry, Staci and Daniel decided to relocate here, too.

Their new business germinated from their combined experience and – and a serious longing for Chicago food. 312 Pizza Company opened in Germantown in April 2014, and business is booming.

“We started missing Chicago food so much,” Staci says.

The put together 312 Pizza Co. carefully, deliberately and as a family. Staci’s dad, a contractor, oversaw construction and creation of a striking, wood-paneled bar that anchors the restaurant and adds an authentic Windy City vibe. Daniel is general manager; Staci handles sales and marketing; sister Kim does special events and promotions; and Mom focuses on HR and customer service. Staci’s parents are in the process of relocating to Nashville, too.

312 Pizza Co

312 Pizza Company is at the corner of Monroe St. and 4th Ave. N in Nashville’s Germantown

The thin crust pizza recipe comes from Staci’s grandmother, who learned it from Italian immigrant neighbors in Chicago. Staci made it over and over in Nashville, testing it among friends. She returned to Northern Illinois and made pizza for everyone she knew, demanding straight answers: Does this taste like real Chicago pizza and would you pay for it in a restaurant?

Repeated choruses of, “Yes, yes,” and the oven was on.

Yes, thin crust is authentic Chicago pizza, but 312 Pizza Company serves deep-dish, too. “Nashville is filled with Chicago transplants, and people come from all over the state for the food,” Staci says.

According to the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Chicago area is the top feeder city for visitors to Music City. Germantown’s hot restaurant scene already helps draw locals, and the spring opening of the Sounds stadium downtown will bring thousands more potential customers.

Staci and Daniel joined the City Club in January 2015 as they were opening Tempur Chocolate Shoppe with other partners, including a friend who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in France. The artisan chocolate-wine-cheese restaurant, in the location of the former Flour Sugar Eggs location around the corner from 312 Pizza Company.

Other ideas are brewing, but leaving Nashville isn’t among them. “We love it here,” Staci says.

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