NCC Member Spotlight: T. Taylor Minchey

Posted on Nov 24, 2013

Nov 24, 2013

T. Taylor Minchey, certified Nurse Practitioner, entrepreneur and metabolism expert, is not big on slowing down.

After she successfully lost 80 pounds, then another 20, she opened a weight loss clinic in Hendersonville.

After Taylor and her clients grew frustrated with protein drink options, she created one of her own. The result, ProTonic, made its public debut in August and Sun Drop Bottling has agreed to distribute it. Taylor and her team also are working on placing the enhanced water in big box stores.

ProTonic Water has 18 grams of protein but no artificial flavors or sugar, making it diabetic-friendly. Sweetened with a bit of Stevia, it has a light citrus taste, though Taylor is already working on a second flavor. She brought aboard Allen Flavors, Inc., an internationally known beverage concept company, to perfect her vision.

ProTonic WaterThe name ProTonic came to Taylor in dream but the product is grounded in reality. She knew many protein drinks tasted chalky so she formulated one that didn’t.

“I know what people want to drink and don’t want to drink,” she says. “This is smooth and does not feel like a protein shake. It is an enhanced water.”

She understands that weight loss is as much about retraining the mind as retraining the body because she’d done it. In 2003, at age 23, she weighed 265 pounds and lost 80 pounds in 4 months without medical supplements or assistance.

A Nashville native, Taylor opened Indian Lake Medical Weight Loss and Wellness in Hendersonville in 2009 after years of working with kidney dialysis patients, many of them obese and diabetic.

She enjoys hearing what people honestly think about weight loss.

“I enjoy helping them see it from a different perspective. I teach it as math and science. We are never going to throw it up in the sky and hope it works,” Taylor says. “I enjoy helping people it is more of mental challenge than a physical challenge.”

Taylor Minchey joined the City Club earlier this year and hopes soon to bring the clinic and its services to members in downtown Nashville if there is enough interest.

“But people need to realize they are going to create the magic,” she says. “It is not going to work if you don’t work it.”

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