Member Profile: Angela and Matthew Freeman

Posted on Jul 25, 2013

Jul 25, 2013

What most amazed the Freemans since joining the Nashville City Club in April 2013 is that no one has pitched them. No one.

Instead, club members introduce themselves with, “Hi, may name is ______. How can I help you?”

Angela and Matthew Freeman are building a real estate investment company and started last year with wholesaling residential properties to other investors or contractors wanting to improve them.

With Star Real Estate Solutions, Matthew and Angela bring a fresh perspective to real estate investing, working directly with homeowners who may be in trouble and landlords who may be frustrated. Expansion to commercial property is on the horizon, as is finding projects for larger investors.

Matthew’s entrepreneurial spirit surfaced early. At age 5, he repaired toys for other kids and charged them. Later, he auctioned the delicious lunches his mom made to the highest bidder at school. Star Real Estate Solutions

Two events precipitated the start of a real estate investment company. Their own struggle to buy a home was the first.

Angela and Matthew met in high school and married in 2007. Both had joined the military – he in active duty with the U.S. Air Force, she with the U.S. Army Reserves – and neither had stellar credit. The couple wanted to buy a home but mortgage brokers told them to return in six months when their credit improved. No one explained the steps to take.

Home ownership was important. Each had grown up far short of middle class, and Matthew’s parents bought their first home in 2006. They lost it in 2009. That was the second catalyst.

“Some investors who were supposed to help made it worse,” he says. “It was then that we decided we had to do something.”

That something is building a company that educates people rather than prey on them but still makes a profit. They refer inquiries that don’t fit their model to real estate agents. They also plan to launch a mentor program in the next few months and partner with new investors trying to close their first deal.

Angela, who is executive assistant to a Commander at the Air National Guard here, is CFO. Matthew, a civilian financial management consultant, is president.

The Freemans live in Bellevue, where they bought their first home in 2011, with their two young daughters. As young professionals, the couple pays discounted City Club fees (for members under 40). When they joined in April the Freemans knew no one.

“We wanted people of like mind, people who will lift you up rather than bring you down,” Angela says.

They’ve found what they wanted in the City Club.

City Club staff set up meetings with members who are Realtors, marketers and title specialists, giving the Freemans a near-instant unofficial advisory board.

“There are people who have your best interests at heart,” Matthew says.

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