Don’t miss the premiere of “SPANK” at TPAC!

Posted on May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013

SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody is the hilarious new comedy that brings all the naughty fun of the best-selling book to life. Your inner goddess will be laughing out loud with this new imagining of the characters as they come to life with sharp-witted comedy, musical numbers, steamy and fun performances from the hunky leading man, plus lots of surprises!”

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) started their “Opening Act” networking series in January 2013, kicking off their first event at the Nashville City Club.  NCC Member & TPAC Corporate Sales Manager, Kate Lowry, explains her excitement about working with the City Club, saying “Having Opening Act events at NCC allows for both of us to grow our young professional demographic.  NCC and TPAC are in such close proximity to one another, I always try to promote eating at the Club before a show and we have a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Opening Act 2

Opening Act 6


TPAC plans their Opening Act events based on whether or not the show approves to sell deeply discounted tickets!  Each show has a press agent assigned to the show who helps in making these decisions as the show travels from city to city.  Kate explains that TPAC’s “…marketing team works really hard to get the shows to approve this discount for this group because it gives an opportunity for this age group to see the show on a budget and allows for this group to network and mingle with like-minded people before and/or after the show.”

Opening Act 3


What does this mean for you? You can go to the Opening Act happy hour at the City Club (even if you are not a member) before the show, enjoy free parking and go to a show at TPAC for half the price!  Kate suggests “This is a no brainer… bring yourself, invite friends and take a break after work and enjoy what your city has to offer!!!”

Opening Act 4


For more information about Opening Act, TPAC’s show schedule and the upcoming premiere of “Spank“, visit their website:

Opening Act


Opening Act 5


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