Authors Aplenty Among NCC Members

Posted on May 30, 2013

May 30, 2013

The printed word is far from dead, judging by the creative output of several Nashville City Club members who are authors and publishers.

Business coach, entrepreneur and speaker Michael Burt is out with “Zebras & Cheetahs: Look Different and Stay Agile to Survive the Business Jungle,” which he co-authored with Colby Jubenville, who teaches at MTSU. Joey Amato launched UNITE Magazine, a publication for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Middle Tennessee, earlier this year and it’s already profitable.

John Hollins Sr., who represented Jeffrey Womack, a teenager wrongly accused in the 1975 murder of Marcia Trimble, tells their story in “The Suspect: A Memoir.” On June 11, the City Club hosts a special event in which John will talk about the book and the case. (Contact Ashlee Polk at 615.620.1329 or to RSVP).

These members, along with novelist Ad Hudler, life coach and Dale Carnegie trainer Steve Grossman, and other writer types help make the City Club a lively, diverse destination.

Newish NCC Members
Joey and Coach Burt, as everyone calls him, are relatively new to the club, joining about a year ago. Coach Burt says he “foolishly resisted” membership for years until Kathleen Calligan, President and CEO of BBB Middle Tennessee, strongly recommended membership.

Coach Burt NCC Member

Author and Business Coach Michael Burt

“Zebras and Cheetahs” is about how companies and those who lead them need to look different and run faster than competitors in today’s commoditized economy. City Club membership, Coach Burt says, helps him run faster.

“When I get around enlightened progressive people I think bigger thoughts,” he says.

His radio show, Change Your Life Radio, can be heard globally on (WLAC), and his client list ranges from small entrepreneurial firms to multi-billion dollar companies.

“The very first night at the City Club I met people who turned into relationships. I like being around people. I don’t want to be late to the party I want to be the first one there,” Coach Burt says.

“The City Club has given me a place to meet, grow and connect, and being on the inside where deals are happening has immediate value.”

A warm welcome
Joey Amato, who moved to Nashville from New York two years ago, was introduced to the City Club by a member who does drag on the side.

He says young professionals should consider joining because the club has a lower-cost membership level. “The selling point for young professionals is very reasonable,” Joey says.

NCC Member Joey Amato

UNITE Magazine Founder and Publisher Joey Amato

UNITE targets readers in the region’s gay and lesbian professional community, and a magazine-sponsored event at the City Club is under consideration.

Usually it takes a year or longer for a print publication to turn a profit but Joey says he was “overwhelmed by the support we received so quickly.” That includes advertising from big-name, mainstream companies that have never before bought space in a gay publication.

“It shows a lot of corporations and companies understand the value in marketing to a gay and lesbian audience,” Joey says. “We are very conservative for a gay publication because we understand who we are talking to.”

He finds the NCC members as well as Nashville welcoming.

“I don’t like big cities, and I thought I could make a difference here,” Joey says. “There was an excitement around Nashville even 2 years ago.”

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