NCC Hires Assistant Membership Manager

Posted on Mar 22, 2013

Mar 22, 2013

Katie Lawson

The Nashville City Club is expanding its membership team! We are happy to announce the addition of Katie Lawson, Assistant Membership Manager. Katie will work with our current membership and the Nashville community to develop connections and expand our membership base and nurture existing relationships.

We sat down with Katie to get some insight into who she is and what she will bring to our members… and we have the dirt!

Katie grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, moved to Huntsville, Alabama for a few years and has spent the last 7 years back in a suburb of Jackson.  She attended Mississippi College, which is a small private Christian college just outside of Jackson.  Katie originally went there so she could continue running track (she actually agreed to run the 400 meter hurdles!) but, as she jokes, “..ended up getting a degree in the process!”  To that end, she has a major in Business with a focus in Marketing.  Katie also has a minor in Spanish, but explains “I never immersed myself in the Spanish culture and am not fluent, so I don’t mention my minor often.”

So, how did Katie end up in Nashville?

“On New Year’s this year, my husband and I made a resolution to get out of Mississippi.  Thus, we began applying for jobs all over and then decided Nashville was the city for us.  We spent all of our time, money and energy finding jobs in Nashville until I was offered a position at the City Club.  Instantly, we quit our jobs in Jackson and found an apartment up here.  Within two weeks we moved to Nashville and do not regret the impulse decision to move.  Instead, it’s a success because we achieved our New Year’s Resolution.”

In the same spirit, Katie jumped right in to working with both current and prospective members, including attending and hosting lunch meetings on her own! Katie says of her role at the City Club, “I want to sell something.  If I could just make a living on promoting a product I believe in, then I’ve met my goal.”  So there you go.  Further, she adds, “I can make any product desirable if given the opportunity.  All I have to do is build a relationship with you and you won’t be able to help but ask what it is I am so passionate about.  i.e. The City Club!”

Katie and her husband have a little Maltese named Murphy, who they rescued.  She enjoys running and playing sports and is excited to meet our members!

Katie Lawson



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