Did someone say S’mores? NCC’s new winter menu and desserts reflect the season

Posted on Dec 14, 2012

Dec 14, 2012

Seasonal ingredients, local sources and lower price points create appetizing options on NCC’s new winter menu

Our new winter menu evokes a wintery evening in front of a fireplace. Warm and cozy, the menu showcases seasonal ingredients like greens, pears, cabbage and carrots and a meat line-up that comes from local farms.

“I like to produce food that tastes like it looks and feels outside,” says Executive Chef John Williams.

Chef Williams took over the City Club’s kitchen in July 2012 and is putting his stamp on the menu. A Nashville-area native, he describes his style as “60 percent Southern-influenced” with dashes of French, Italian and Asian.

new winter menu

The Signature Burger already is a classic on our new winter menu.

The Signature Burger already is a classic, with smoked cheddar pimento cheese, bacon marmalade and Carolina slaw. If Chef Williams had to pick a favorite, this burger would be it. But the grilled cheese with local buttermilk cheddar, onion jam and caramelized fennel on a Parker House roll also is a contender. The Cuban sandwich features pork from a farm in Lebanon, Tennessee.

The fish is wild-caught, such as the Arctic Char, or line-caught in the Gulf of Mexico. The char comes two ways – smoked, in a salad with deviled egg, roasted dill tomatoes and other accompaniments, and barbecued, as an entrée with pepper jack grits, braised spinach and crispy onions.

Regulars also will notice lower prices on several dishes on the new winter menu, which is offered at both lunch and dinner. “One of the challenges with doing this was creating a menu that is pleasing to several types of clientele we have,” Chef Williams says. “We have younger people who want selections at lower price points. We have members who eat here often and want a variety.”

new winter menu

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Another change formalizes the daily specials under the “Meat & Three” category. Expect BBQ ribs on Monday, country fried steak on Tuesday, beef pot roast on Wednesday, grilled pork chop on Thursday and southern fried chicken on Friday. Three distinct sides accompany each meat dish, with a big nod to Southern cooking traditions.

NCC New Winter Menu desserts

Pear Crisp

Desserts are new, too. Sous Chef Shannon Davis put together a delightful mix for the new winter menu that includes pumpkin bread pudding, pear crumble and a take on s’mores with marshmallow brulee. The cheese platter features all local cheeses as well as blue cheese ice cream. Chef Williams plans two or three full menu changes a year with additional tweaks throughout to reflect the seasons and availability of fresh, local ingredients.

Regional cuisine, sustainable ingredients, and modern flair distinguish the City Club’s dining room and keep the menu fresh. Come for a visit and taste dishes from the new winter menu for yourself.

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