Coach Burt’s Person of Interest Cruise

Posted on Sep 7, 2012

Sep 7, 2012


Join Coach Micheal Burt and special guest NCC Managing Director Chris Weinberg on a Person of Interest Cruise. February 24th-March 2nd.



 Coach Burt believes that “inspirational things happen in inspirational places and around inspirational people.” Many years ago while on a cruise to Hawaii Coach realized that some of his best and most inspired thoughts came to him when he was relaxed, reflective, and surrounded by beauty. From two of the cruises he wrote his bestselling book “This Ain’t No Practice Life” and “The Anatomy of Winning.” Join Coach Burt on this powerful and reflective cruise and see where inspiration can meet execution in your …life.


From this cruise you will return:

More Focused on what matters the most
More Clear about your future
More alive and engaged in your life
More equipped to drive your bigger future and move past the past and drive some serious wealth

With sessions on business growth, personal development, multiplying your business, and more you are sure to find new tools and strategies to help your life and business grow.



Special guest Chris Weinberg focuses his time helping independent business owners as well as companies in growth mode develop best practices for sustainable performance with an approach that allows businesses to be “corporate enough.” Weinberg defines “corporate enough” as ensuring a    business has predictable and systematic operating practices while maintaining flexibility for innovation, change and unique personality. He is an entrepreneur having built several successful businesses and also has a great deal of  corporate business background.

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