Concierge Service at the Nashville City Club…

Posted on Feb 13, 2012

Feb 13, 2012

Did you know that as a member of the Nashville City Club youcan use our complimentary concierge service to find great tickets to Nashvillearea events?  We sat down with NCCMember, Steve Richards about his recent experience with this great service…
Q: How long have you been a memberof NCC?     
A: Since 1981.
Q: Did you know about theconcierge service prior to your most recent ticket purchase?    
A: No
Q: How easy was the process ofpurchasing tickets through NCC?  
A: I mentioned, while at the CityClub, that I was looking for Aretha Franklin tickets.  Ashlee volunteeredto help me – and the next day she was calling me to decide which tickets Iliked the best.  They were all good but we chose the 2nd row,center, in the balcony of the Ryman (behind Martina McBride).  And by theway, I saw George Armistead there – and his tickets, although on the mainfloor, were not as good as mine.  Great tickets!
Q: Do you see the Conciergeservice as one of the greatest benefits of your membership?   
A: I would prefer to say that thisis another great benefit of membership – and very helpful.  The more that weuse this service, the better you will be able to provide good tickets.  Iencourage everyone to try this once to see how easy it is.
Q: Would you recommend thisservice to a fellow member?            
A: Absolutely, yes!
Wehave contacts at many Nashville area organizations such as the Ryman, TPAC andBridgestone Arena and we would love to help you plan your next night out! Don’tforget the Club offers complimentary valet parking and we would love to haveyou join us for dinner.
For information about tickets or dinner reservations, callAshlee at 615.620.1329.
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