Part 3: LIVE Music Elevates Date Night at the Nashville City Club!

Posted on Nov 18, 2011

Nov 18, 2011

If you’ve never been to Date Night, you should come! It isNashville City Club ELEVATED! Live music accompanies an excellent menu and wineselections. The atmosphere is contagious – with the sounds of glasswareclinking, people laughing and talking between the sounds of musical noteshanging in the air.
November’s Date Night featured live piano, saxophone andflute music throughout the night.  Ourjazz-themed evening was a perfect background for a great evening of friends,food and even a special birthday surprise!
We arehappy to announce we are bringing the music to the Club every week beginningNovember 12th.   Every Friday,while you enjoy our fresh seafood bar and menu options you will be entertainedby live music in our Grill and Member’s Dining Room.
Also, staytuned for LIVE music at upcoming special member events such as Santa Brunch,EXTRAVAGANZA! and more! We hope you enjoy the changes at the Club and we hopeto see you soon!
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