New Fall Menus at the Nashville City Club!

Posted on Nov 9, 2011

Nov 9, 2011

Hello Friends,
Octobercertainly flew by! As if on cue, October 1st the heat subsided andthe air cooled-perfect! Along with the change in leaves, there are many newmenu changes at the Club! We have new lunch & Grill menus along with adinner menu which will change frequently (just rolled out a new one this weekin fact).
New lunchfavorites include fish tacos with spice-crusted tilapia on soft tortillas withshredded cabbage and pico de gallo served over black beans and Spanish rice orpastrami-cured tuna with a citrus aioli, arugula, poached tomatoes, Nicoiseolives, and focaccia. Salad choices include baby spinach tossed with roastedbutternut squash, sun-dried cranberries, Midnight Moon cheese, and a Tabascovinaigrette or a new look to the Faucon.
Don’t fret ifyou tend to frequent the Club more often in the evenings because many of thelunch items can be found on the Grill menu…a new favorite is the pappardellewith seared shrimp, English peas, roasted oyster mushrooms tossed with amascarpone cream with a chiffonade of fresh basil alongside old favorites suchas the Fish & Chips and Steak & Biscuits. While looking over the newmenu, maybe start out with potato chips with warm Point Reyes blue cheese tomunch on!
Put a littleSouth in your mouth at dinner with Mom’s deviled eggs topped with a garnish ofcandied Benton’s bacon or perhaps the Southern fried vegetable crudite with crispygreen tomato slices, B&B pickles, green onion, and rapini with a pot liquoraioli to dip.
For maincourses, try the trout with a toasted mustard seed vinaigrette, served on a bedof lentils, roasted Brussels sprouts, and Honey Crisp apple. Brussels sproutsseem to be one of those vegetables that one acquires a taste for as they getolder. I can remember running from them as a child but now love the taste ofthe mini cabbages. Scallops are always a great choice…they are being servedover creamy roasted tomato grits with braised red cabbage drizzled with aYuzu-Guava glaze. Finally, there the familiar stand-by filet of beef tenderloinis getting a new face with a Cabernet-Shallot Jam, creamy cheddar tapioca, andoven-roasted kale.
Be sure to saveroom for dessert! Try pumpkin tiramisu, a fried apple pie with cider caramel,or an amazing warm brownie topped with a thin layer of crème brulee which seemsto almost melt over the chocolaty goodness!
Hope to see yousoon!
Chef Toby
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