Monster Mash Halloween Bash!!

Posted on Nov 5, 2011

Nov 5, 2011

Last weekend was our first Monster Mash Halloween Bash. With the help of the NCC Young Executives to host the event, Corsair for the liquor donations and Ashlee, Justin & Toby of NCC we had an awesome event!  Walking in to the Banquet Hall, guests walked through a graveyard and passed by a witch stirring a secret brew in her cauldron. You could sit in the haunted library and enjoy a drink or some hors d’oeuvres from Chef Toby, including Buried Alive Chocolate Cupcakes, Devilish Eggs, Wicked Wings or Sloppy Joe Sliders.  A big hit was the Sinister Spread of Grapes, Figs & Dark Plums with a variety of cheeses and lavash.

Specialty drinks for the evening, were our Halloween-inspired Witches Brew and Dark & Stormy. A big THANKS goes out to Corsair for their donation to this event! The Corsair distillery makes spirits in small batches, often producing less in a year than larger distilleries bottle in an hour.  Their still itself is quite unique – it is from the 1920’s and survived prohibition!  Pot stills require more labor but give the distiller more control over flavor and the ability to experiment and focus on local ingredients and unusual techniques to make small volume batches of high-quality spirits.  To learn more about Corsair, visit their website at

Halloween Bash guests were encouraged to dress up for a costume contest! Throughout the night, people voted for their favorites in Best Individual, Best Couple & Best Group categories. When the winners were announced, Lydia Armistead won Best Individual costume for her chicken costume and was able to choose a bottle of Corsair liquor.  Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were voted Best Couple and received a $100 gift certificate for dinner at the Club.  The Best Group costume went to CLUE, made up of NCC Members Clay & Dana Wraith (Mr. Green & Miss Scarlet) and their guests.  They received Predators tickets to a game of their choice!
This was a great event and I wish you could have seen George Armistead in his cow costume with his “eat mor chickin” sign!  Another great costume was Joel Moenkhoff, the prettiest girl at the party!  To see more pictures, visit us on facebook.
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