Member Spotlight: Joel Moenkhoff

Posted on Sep 1, 2011

Sep 1, 2011

My name is Joel W. Moenkhoff and I was born and raised in Alma, MO (60 miles east of Kansas City, MO).  The majority of my childhood I was raised on a large hog farm where I learned the value of hard work and the satisfaction it brings.  Being the oldest of 5 boys I also made sure to lead by example and persevere through the hard times that farm life can bring with it.  Not only did I persevere, I became a role model to my family and others in my life.  I consider myself blessed and very fortunate to be where I am today.

In high school I was a star football, basketball and track athlete and used that ability to attain a dual-athletic scholarship to Ottawa University in Ottawa, KS.  While there I accumulated many awards including All-Conference and Team MVP honors on the gridiron.  The greatest award I received was the “Richard L. Peters Award” that is given to the football player that not only shows greatness on the field – but off the field as well.  Sports continue to be a part of my life where I am a youth, high school, college and semi-pro football official.  It’s a great way to stay with the game and it’s very challenging.  It’s the only profession I know where you have to start out perfect and continue to get better.  I have a short term goal of being a CUSA or SEC official in the next 5 years and a long term goal of getting to the NFL.
At Ottawa I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems with an emphasis in Business Administration.  I traveled to Denmark to play and coach for a football team in Esbjerg and soon moved to Nashville – a dream of mine since I was a child listening to country music on the farm.  I was an instant celebrity in my hometown of 350 people just for moving here!  Nashville is definitely where I call home and I’m proud to live in this great city.
My professional career has consisted of being a Webmaster, Network Administrator, Sales Professional and Director of Sales.  As a Director of Sales and Business Development, I’ve been able to take my skills as a successful salesman and combine them with my leadership ability.  This is a new role on my career path and the opportunity for me to make an impact on my company and our employees is very exciting.
On 09/08/07 I married the love of my life who just so happened to be a professional figure skater.  Her name is Molly Quigley-Moenkhoff and she is the woman who keeps me balanced and motivated to be a better man.  Her career has been an exciting one since she started skating at age 3.  She has been on over 200 cruises with Royal Caribbean performing ice shows on the ships and has performed with Dorothy Hamill, Nancy Kerrigan, Brian Boitano and local Scott Hamilton in ice shows across the globe.  She was also a TV Star in the UK on “Dancing on Ice” as well as being on CMT’s “Coyote Ugly – Season 2” and being the Co-Host for “Top 20 Countdown” here in the US.  She currently teaches figure skating at A-Game Sportsplex in Cool Springs and is a NFL Cheerleader for the Titans.  She already loves the City Club and plans on accompanying me to many more events in the future.
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