Posted on Mar 5, 2011

Mar 5, 2011

Join us for our next Mentor Meet-Up, Thursday, March 10th at 5:15pm!

Our new Mentor Program is designed to introduce members who might otherwise never have an opportunity to meet and facilitate learning and networking amongst new business persons and established leaders. Every month, the Club hosts an engaging networking event for mentors and protégés. Over the course of the following months, mentors and protégés build relationships through one on one meetings (at the office, for coffee, over lunch, etc.).

Member Relations Coordinator Bonnie Williams works closely with all participants to determine the best connection between the mentor and protégé:

“Our mentor experience is a great platform to begin building third party introductions as well. After establishing relationships with their mentor, several participants have been introduced to third party contacts to benefit them even further. The process has been really beneficial and provides a genuine win-win.”

Providing opportunities to share, learn and grow meaningful relationships, our Mentor Program offers new exciting value to Club members. The Nashville City Club membership demographic has traditionally been composed of more established seasoned business persons, but is now attracting young executives (34 years old and younger). The membership climate is perfect for these two groups to converge for mutual benefit.

George Armistead, City Club member of over 35 years, agrees:

“In my judgment, the enthusiasm, connectivity and energy of our members and staff are ever present now. We mentors, are in fact, learning from our interaction with protégés and this opportunity to share insight and guidance for our junior counterparts is both rewarding and fun. NCC is all about people and this unique program is an excellent member benefit to embrace and maximize. ”

Member Feedback:

“Dear George, David and David,

I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy day and giving it so freely to the “Mentoring” program. Your shared experience and wisdom will help those of us who are looking to build a better future and your willingness to give your time to help and support others is truly appreciated.

Thank you again gentleman, I look forward to the next “Mentoring” session.”

Valerie Davidson,
New NCC Member

Mentors and Protégés may participate in the program by submitting their biographies. Please contact Bonnie Williams for more information, 615.620.1329,

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