Extravaganza! Passport to the 1980’s…

Posted on Feb 5, 2011

Feb 5, 2011

In case you missed it, this month’s EXTRAVAGANZA! Passport to the 1980’s was totally gnarly! The City Club Time Machine took our members and guests back to the 80’s, complete with Rubik’s Cubes, a balloon arch, and popular 80’s quotes decorating the walls.

We would like to thank all our members and guests who helped to make EXTRAVAGANZA! Passport to the 1980’s such a bangin’ event!! An EXTRA BIG thanks goes out to all our Membership Ambassadors who volunteered their evening to giving tours to prospective members and offering their testimony about the Club.

The event drew over 150 people and guests enjoyed some special 80’s attractions including City Club wine coolers, home-made dirt cake, rubik’s cube games and “totally rad” tunes!

The City Club also welcomed special guest The Zone, 104.5! The Allstate Lineup with George Plaster and Willy Daunic broadcast from the City Club Cigar Lounge from 3-7 pm. Check them out at: www.1045thezone.com

Please help us welcome the new members joining us that evening!

Bradly Montague – President/CEO of Nomamont Advertising
Linda Sykes – Owner of Linde’s Optical on Wheels
Teresa Maiser – Member Sponsor Carol Bigham
Frances Rivera – Marketing manager at GBOD, Member Sponsor Manuel Glaze
Ron Rigsby – CEO of R.J. Rigsby Enterprises, Inc., Member Sponsor Josh Rogers
Gail Childress – CPA, Member Sponsor Debi Granite
Jon Reed – Financial Advisor at Waddell & Reed, Member Sponsor Brandon Strother
Karen Ahern – Senior VP at Fifth/Third Bank, Member Sponsor Kevin Lavendar
Kia Jarmon – Creative Director at The MEPR Agency, Member Sponsor Leanne Ogburn

Be sure to look for information about the next EXTRAVAGANZA! Passport to the FUTURE, which will be held on Wednesday, April 6th!

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