Posted on May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010

We are here to help!

Thankfully, the Nashville City Club was not damaged from the past weekend’s flooding and storms and has returned fully to normal operations today. While the downtown area was badly flooded, many of the businesses, restaurants and hotels are again open. We are now working to extend our support to others in the downtown community and anyone needing help with damage or loss related to their homes or businesses. 

The Club is happy to help as we can with displaced hospitality employees, people in need of temporary offices or events and meetings needing to find new a location. The Club can offer some type of space nearly any day, including weekends. Additional, the Club will be working with local organizations to offer as much assistance as we can for individuals and businesses around the downtown area and beyond.

Please contact the Club if you need anything or if we can be helpful in anyway. Together we will work to create a strong Nashville community in the future. 

Club: 615-244-3693 or
Events & Meetings: 615-620-1327 or

Thanks and be Safe!! 

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