Kids are "Back to Work"

Posted on Aug 10, 2009

Aug 10, 2009

Today sends kids all over Nashville back to school, ending a relaxingly summer vacation. Marking this momentous occasion, Mayor Dean hosted the 10th annual Mayor’s 1st Day, Sunday at the Sommet Center in downtown Nashville.

Nashville City Club staff took part in yesterday’s event, volunteering among area Churches, students and professional & charitable organizations. Turnout was once again strong, as area kids prepared for their first day loading up on school supplies and information for the coming year. With more than 30 area sponsors, lots of local talent and entertainment, hundreds of volunteers and 20,000 Nashvillians, this event is a great opportunity to create community and support around area schools. Nashville can look forward to many more years of dedication to education and our schools. Happy school year to all students today!

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