The City Club let’s you Name the Price!

Posted on Jul 31, 2009

Jul 31, 2009

Newly engaged and excited to start planning your dream wedding… but suddenly as the numbers come in and the guest list grows, your dreams of a perfect night seem to
be out of your reach. Budgets are tighter and we all want more for less. In an effort to offer the same amazing food and services past couples have come to love, the Nashville City Club is letting you Name Your Price. Share your vision and the Club will customize an event proposal to meet your budget. With more than 50 years planning and executing events in good times and bad, we have a distinct approach…

1. Vendors you hire should exceed your expectations, regardless of how much you spend.
2. Your Wedding should and can fit your Budget.
3. Wedding planning should be fun and stress-free.
4. You & Your loved ones should truly be guests & enjoy your day!

If you are looking for an amazing experience and night to remember, look no further! Visit our website at and check out our new budget-conscious menus.

Begin your Journey… and Start Saving!
To find out more about celebrating your special day with the Nashville City Club, contact me today at 620-1327 or

**Please note that food and beverage minimum apply to all non-member events

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