Expert Event Series: Fundraisers

Posted on Jul 13, 2009

Jul 13, 2009

RAISING FUNDS (PART ONE): Creative tips that will make your next fundraiser a smashing success!
By Krista Chapman

The best fund-raising parties do a great job of reflecting the purpose of the organization, leaving gala-goers with a real sense of where their money is going and how it will be used. The list below gives you ways to make the most our your event and money!

1. Location, Location, Location! Choosing a memorable location with historical significance can be a great draw for guests. Places like the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Symphony Center give guests a great connection to the city and its history. The Club itself overlooks the city and gives and unique perspective of the surrounding city to your guests.

2. Have a theme! Follow through with the décor and most importantly have great food. There are hundreds of events with the same old appetizers and cheap wine. Make your event stand out and have our staff to create custom menu with a theme at the core. Speciality cocktails with clever names are another way to maintain a theme and stay on a budget (Visit my previous post for great tips on choosing a theme).

3. Think outside the box! Classic décor and flowers for an event can get costly and fast eating into your budget. We work with budget friendly rental companies and encourage self-decorating. Look around your office. Are you promoting self-defense? Use sparing gear as your table centerpieces. Trying to spread literacy? Stack books on buffet tables for décor and borrow your child’s book bag to use as creative centerpieces. All these items can be used again and again at your event, saving money often spent on flowers that last a week.

4. Stay within your Budget! It is important to control unexpected costs and work with a budget. Knowing what you can spend on items like food, décor and entertainment will help to prevent you from going over and raising less money that you anticipated. Experience event directors, like myself are here as a resource to help you through creating a budget and will often work with you in regarding to fixed costs and per person charges..

5. Be Loud! While others around your tighten their belts and go into hibernation, rise to the top as THE organization for your specific causes. Just as for profit businesses are advised to stay in front of the public during economic downturns, you may get more bang for your buck as your message is heard louder than others. While it may seem natural to cut back, it is important to maintain fundraising and celebratory presence.

Up Next Raising Funds: Part Two.

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