Green with Envy…Make your next Function Planet Friendly

Posted on May 7, 2009

May 7, 2009

By Krista Chapman

Everyone’s going green, so why shouldn’t your next event do the same. Event planners are finding more and more that conference attendees and event guests are asking for more Eco-Conscious events. How can you bring a little green to your next soiree? It is easier than you think!

1. Plan a seasonal menu, showcasing local produce and farm products that are raised with humane and green standards in mind. The less food travels, the less carbon dioxide.

2. Rethink Centerpieces… Potted plants that can be sent home as parting gifts are a great way to be green. They are less wasteful and work double duty as guest favors. If cut flowers are a must, find a local nursing home or hospital to donate the pieces after the event is over.

3. Avoiding moving guests from one location to another. By keeping all associated events in one location or ultilizing event venues within walking distance, everyone reduces their carbon footprint.

4. Wedding can also be extra green by using organic fabrics for bridal party dresses and “borrow” the wedding dress from a close family member. Have a streamstress recycle the dress to create a new custom look.

5. Send Invitations Online… You will you save costs on printing, postage and paper, making green an easy choice.

Stayed Tuned… more Green Tips to come!

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